Committee for Tourism Development
under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

In order to lay a real foundation and enter the country's tourism industry into the world tourism market, the Republic of Tajikistan was accepted as a full member of this authoritative organization at the 54th Assembly of the UN World Tourism Organization on November 27, 2007 in Cartagena, Colombia.

The membership of our country in this structure, which is considered one of the 12 UN agencies, along with the study of advanced world experience and participation in the process of solving topical issues in the field, is extremely beneficial for the formation and future strengthening of the image of the republic as a tourist country.

Also, membership in this organization will provide Tajikistan with favorable conditions for conducting marketing analyzes and determining the resources and potential of the country in the field of tourism.

Since its accession, the Committee has maintained fruitful cooperation with the leadership and experts of the World Tourism Organization.

The experts of the World Tourism Organization declared the Republic of Tajikistan a country with rich tourism resources and a reliable partner of this organization and evaluate the attitude of the country's top political leadership to plans for the further development of the tourism industry as a sign of the highest professional level in the world's tourism networks.

At the same time, the specialists of the World Tourism Organization, together with the experts of the Committee, constantly analyze the tourism potential of the country and assess the future of its development as bright.